Whew! You Rock.

Now that there’s time to regroup, breathe a little after a busy, productive, and event-filled spring, summer, and fall season, let the next block of time allow for living, reflecting, taking stock of the things that really matter. During this time, give yourself the opportunity to consider your role at Boyne. Look back at how things went, and how your role affected them.

Let a part of your day allow you time to celebrate strengths and learn from weakness, mistakes. Permit yourself to consider methods of developing in your role. Be sure to understand the difference between being a fixed thinker and a growth one. Know that the time you spend engaging in your work is time invested in your own life skill set, that it’s never a waste of time to become excited about making your position, your career, your job a work in progress, for when you do take time to reflect and grow, it carries over to life in all kinds of ways.

In the end each of us decides what kind of day it will be. Remembering that old quote from Vince Lombardi “Life isn’t what happens to you, it’s how you choose to deal with it” makes sense, because in the end all we have is that: dealing with the things that come our way. That also reminds me of E+R=O or Event plus Response equals Outcome. We have the power to choose how we respond in matters, and that is what matters!

When we change the course of our thinking and realize that work doesn’t have to be just work, that it really can — and is — part of our lives, then perhaps it’s time to step back and ask how we may advance to make the work we do, better. In most cases — if not all — that begins with us, our attitude.

So when any of us has some time to reflect, let’s think of our days, all twenty-four hours each, and the things that we could do to make them even better. Could be more communication, changing a training process, listening, problem solving, self-advocating, facing fears — whatever. It’s when we begin to willingly, genuinely take time to observe, consider, and question our own procedures, methods, actions, and seek ways to develop and change, then the potential for growth will launch from the starting line and we’ll begin to experience results.

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