When Our Willingness Wanes…



You know how it is: the alarm sounds in the morning and the first thing you do is push snooze; that one room needs paint and you settle for what’s there because you don’t want to do it; you want to study French for that trip to Paris, but you totally believe you aren’t good at learning foreign languages.

Without question, these situations do not represent a growth mindset.  They show that you’ve accepted your own beliefs about yourself and live with them as fallacies and excuses not to progress.  What to do? Relief may be here.

Ever thought about being your own best coach?  Weird maybe, but it can be done.  Instead of allowing your conscience to guide yourself away from things, train it to guide you into them. Not easy?  If you think so, that’s exactly the problem!  Start conditioning yourself to rise to occasions and make them happen.

A few more things to do when you feel your willingness wanes:

Consider your achievements.  That’s right, however great or small, bring them up, remind yourself, replay, love them.  They’re there — dig if you have to.

Set a series of low (obtainable) hurdles.  These can definitely light the wick of ego, self esteem.  Start very small even and slowly build them the way you see fit.

Consider your strengths.  Look into yourself and realize the things about you that you feel give you power, the things that make you stand apart from or with others.

Finally (and perhaps the best!) — help others. Any way possible.  Even smiling for someone makes a difference.  Holding a door for someone does it too.  Helping others has a way of making yourself feel good (just look up oxytocin).  It builds your self esteem and perception.  It provides a sense of belonging.

You can be your own coach.  When the willingness wanes that’s when you have the opportunity to kick it in and jump in the game.

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