Solver or “Maker”?

From the moment we rise in the morning and until we close our eyes for the night, our days are fraught with problems of all sizes and scope to solve.

To solve. Not make.

Typically we respond to things that require solutions. Most of us.

But there are those who elect to become the problem, cause disruption, look at situations not to solve as much as to make worse. These are the problem “makers.”

They will receive mandates, new rules, requests with consternation, criticism. They will look at a problem and not seek a positive response. Instead they will become its victim.

Maybe the world needs problem makers. More business for the solvers, right?

It’s the solving mentality that benefits an environment best. In our industry it is difficult enough to handle the demands of dedicated serving, much less possess a negative attitude toward the process.

If we all learn to master the art of becoming solvers it becomes contagious. In the face of problems we strive to fix, and if we cannot fix them ourselves our solving attitude compels us to fine someone who can. The momentum remains positive and everyone benefits.

Are you a solver or a maker?

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