Cross Team Vision

Cross team vision is about differing departments coming together and working toward a common goal.  It’s an amazing reality when people from differing departments connect to solve a problem, improve conditions, or simply decide to share a vision.  It’s important that this vision be shared in the beginning so that everyone involved can faithfully understand and work to play a role in achieving the desired or shared outcome. 

The beauty of such a strategy lies in the potential for morale, camaraderie, and connection in pursuing growth or improvement.  As a result, cross team sharing and vision is about continuous improvement.

Transparency in cross team vision is absolute.  When leaders reveal the basic pillars or goals of a cross-team pursuit, they in effect allow their organization opportunity to:

  1.  Build a culture of shared vision, improvement, where team members take ownership of problems and combine efforts to solve those problems.
  2. Galvanize teamwork.  This leads to increased levels of commitment to growth.
  3. Opportunity for greater communication among diverse, otherwise distant groups of people.
  4. Improve the likelihood that change can occur.

There’s something beautiful about the prospect of getting together with other people to make things better in the name of growth, improvement.  When we step outside of our traditional units, departments, and invite others’ vision, our silos suddenly become invisible, and the world becomes large. 

Let the idea of team vision play a role in your own vision for improvement.  And be sure to share that vision with members at the onset, and not lose their optimism or trust, or worse, their voice.

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